My first furniture makeover project is a success!

We all have some piece of furniture that we keep at home but we are not ready to get rid of it for some reason. A chair we have since childhood was in our basement for years and one day I decided to revive it and start my first furniture makeover project. I first searched for some upholstering techniques online and gathered the required tools. From the start I knew that I wanted to paint the chair white and I searched for the appropriate fabric.

The first step in the makeover was to clean the dirt with a clean towel soaked in water and soap and then remove the existing layer of paint. Since I am a beginner at the field I did that with an orbit sander because it was easy to handle and very quick. The places that were difficult to access with the sander were done manually. As a beginner I had to work harder at this point of the makeover because I had to perfectly prepare the surface for the next step of painting. The sanding was a success and the chair was ready to become white and beautiful. I did two layers of white paint to cover the surface completely and get that nice shiny finish.

For the upholstering part of the makeover I chose a colorful piece of fabric with feathers motive on it. I had two extra layers of foam for the siting part to be more comfortable and cozy. When I attached the siting part with the chair itself I couldn’t believe how my old, ugly chair now became my favorite piece of furniture in the house.

After this successful makeover I now search for old items to re-create and give new life to the unwanted chairs and coffee tables.

Till the next project…


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